Web design has undergone various phases from the static HTML design to web 1.0 and thereafter web 2.0 that brought about interactivity between the user and the brand. Two decades back, one could find one page static websites with every programmer using his own style for programming.

The worldwide web consortium standardized the protocol for writing web pages and the hypertext mark-up language and extensible mark-up language to design web pages and portals that are a cluster of websites. Later on many other scripting languages developed which enabled both one-dimensional and two-dimensional flow of information.

Having a Good Website is Half the Battle Won!

Yes, almost every business owner knows that having a website is half the battle won in winning the trust of customers who use it as a first point of contact to obtain information about the brand, its parent company and the portfolio of services on offer along with the contact information.

Well designed, fast loading websites create customers out of visitors and serve as the perfect reflection of the personality of the brand. Having a sound offline presence is good but if the online property is outstanding, it creates a severe demand pull on the physical business.
A website is much more than a costly visiting card, it is a cash generating tool and can really save the business when the market is down. The reason is that high rankings will put your lead generation machinery on auto-pilot and will serve as a force multiplier for your marketing initiatives.

Design Thinking Can Win the Battle for Mindshare!

Web designers now use a plethora of technologies in order to deliver the desired result from their initiatives in online marketing campaigns. User experience and user interface design are given more importance in the past 7-8 years ever since mobile apps have extended the touch points from where the user can access the brand. In both mobile apps and mobile websites, user experience and user interface design have become important criteria that decide, how long can consumers engage with the brand online. Higher the engagement and time spent on the website of the brand, higher the chances of customer making a query or a purchase.

Content may be the King, but Design is the New Queen!

This is a realization that has set in amongst business owners that high-design coupled with taglines, minimalistic body copy and baselines can really carry forward the brand’s message on the internet. Fresh designs, based on the parallax system of design are being demanded by customers. In parallax design, two sets of screens run parallel to the screen giving an illusion of depth that looks very appealing and gets the message across.

Quiet designs, that are non-intrusive often, take the discerning visitors into another plane of thought and they are the future of design. While talking of web designs, we should not forget the importance of mobile friendly websites that most word press themes are offering. Insist on mobile friendly sites for all your campaigns as 70% of users’ access the web from their mobiles.