With almost everyone demanding more than one website for himself or herself, there is no way designers can keep up with the burgeoning demand and hence there has been a sudden surge in the popularity of software tools that offer website building functionalities with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some of the popular ones include WIX, IMcreator, Weebly, Jigsy that have gained the maximum traction in the market.

They are perfect for kids, students, home makers, retired people develop websites that immortalize their memories on the web. Without any photoshop or coding experience, you can create awesome websites by just using the drag n drop functionalities. Even 6th grade students can now do it fairly well and more mobile apps are being launched to create mobile-friendly websites in less than a day.

Web Designer Vs Tools


But businesses need something else…

Yes, the needs of a business are very different from what is needed by a business as the website reflects the image of the company. Everything depends on it, so it cannot be taken lightly.

Not just customers but vendors, supplier, creditors, researchers, prospective buyers and suppliers, journalists, opinion makers also visit the website. So, it must be sleek, classy and easily navigable.

To fetch higher ranks, the content must be updated once every hour. Only with the help of a designer well versed with html can you get things updated so fast.

  • Banner ads, menus, and other div sections need to be updated in line with the current policies and offers launched by the business.
  • Websites are great monitoring tools as they help us know what the competitors are doing. Just browse through the career pages and recruitment ads placed by companies in job portals and you will get to know what they are up to. Your next move is never a secret in the online space.
  • Web designers are required to place keywords in image tags, alt tags, and construct web-sites accurately with an seo – perspective. Keywords populating the tag cloud must be given by the internet marketing team before-hand to the designer.

Your website is the megaphone of your business; seek a talented artist
Earlier in the first generation of the web, known as web 1.0 there was one-dimensional flow of information and the idea was to inform. Soon, the web began to grow and so did the demands to make the yearly expenses being incurred on the website to become a source of revenue generation. New technologies to write better code for websites were developed that enabled two way flow of information and helped brand managers to get feedback.

By working on the feedback and tweaking their products and services, they won the trust of customers and improved their standing in the market. Payment gateway integration, translation of web content into multiple languages through plug-ins, pasting the code of affiliate sites that permit your website to be an online reseller are some of the other tasks that web designers perform and software tools might do it with humongous blunders that will be costly for your business.
Human intervention is far superior to software intervention as machines cannot imagine and either do they have any desires or ambitions .So its best to pay a designer than spending money on software tools. Try Us Now